Allied (2016), a short review

A husband would offer his wife a cigarette before lighting his own. – Marianne Beausejour

Allied, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard is a story about a pair of World War 2 operatives who eventually fall in love and get married. However, their love is soon tested by an unforeseen future. 

One thing I notice immediately is the not so great reviews for Allied, earning an average 7.1 on IMDB. Immediately after finishing the movie I thought to myself that Allied well deserves a higher score than that. Zemeckis delivers a beautifully shot film, extremely intricate in detail, with a very clean, yet old-school style. Brad Pitt also delivers a great performance, but the film is most definitely carried by Marion Cotillard and her stunning performance. She manages to deliver a fantastic show leaving the audience enthralled, whilst also leaving a mysterious note behind everything she does.

Allied contains war, drama, romance, and politics, yet the film never feels disjointed. It all seamlessly flows and works extremely well together. I personally loved the action scenes such as the shootout in Casablanca, and Brad Pitt’s assassin-like attack upon a Nazi tank. All the action scenes felt extremely clean and well shot, so much so that the violence seemed romantic in a sense as Max and Marianne shot their way through a Nazi ball to then swiftly escape in a beautifully shot getaway. 

I deeply enjoyed the on screen connection between Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard which proved to make their love quite convincing. Their love is very poetic, symbolised in the scene where they make love in their car whilst being surrounded by a sandstorm. This evokes a sense of them being against the world, that their love is unstoppable as long as they are together. All in all, a fantastic movie, don’t be dissuaded from watching Allied because of the reviews, it will be worth your time. 8/10.

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